The GROOVE™ Method

GROOVE™ is the ultimate DANCE experience for the mind, body, heart and soul. Suitable for all body shapes, sizes and fitness levels it's the most fun you can squeeze into a workout whether you're a fitness class aficionado or a first timer. 

The moves are simple with no complicated choreography to follow or learn. For each song there will be one or two very simple basic moves - like a step & a clap, for example. Everyone unites together in this move and we take it from there. Just amazing music to inspire you and get your heart pumping.  Classes finish with some beautiful stretching and stillness at the end so you can leave energised and uplifted for the rest of the day.

These classes are more like dancing with your friends on a night out than exercising!

What to Wear Wear whatever you like and be ready to have some fun. GROOVE™ is designed to be practiced barefoot, but you can wear soft soled indoor shoes if you prefer. Floor mats are provided, bring some water and that's it!

Class Holidays Some classes will break for the school holidays – so if in doubt, please check in advance.