The Nia Technique This is a cardio group fitness class that can be modified for all levels of fitness and mobility while retaining all of the pleasure, fun and benefits. The class is choreographed to a varied and eclectic playlist with the teacher at the front. After a few weeks of coming along you'll begin to get so familiar with the moves and the different patterns that you won't have to 'think' so much. Promise!

The GROOVE™ Method I’m the first GROOVE™ Facilitator in Scotland, and these classes are more like dancing with your friends on a night out than exercising. For each song there will be one or two very simple basic moves - like a step & a clap, for example. Everyone unites together in this move and we take it from there. The music is brilliant and really helps you get in the mood, with some beautiful stretching and stillness at the end so you can leave energised and uplifted for the rest of the day.

*Sometimes the word ‘dance’ can feel a bit intimidating, bit like there is a right way, and a wrong way to do it. But in reality dance is really just a fancy word for moving our bodies - usually to amazing, funky music. Each of us can dance and move in our own way. There is no 'right' way to do it. There is no one 'better' than you. We are all different, and that difference is something to be celebrated, not concerned about.