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The Nia Technique

Danced barefoot to uplifting music from around the world Nia is not like other fitness classes. Blending martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, it will keep you fit, improve your co-ordination, balance and flexibility and boost your confidence. 

Infinitely adaptable it's all about dancing in your own body’s way, and after just a few weeks of coming along you'll begin to get so familiar with the moves and the different patterns that you won't have to 'think' so much. Promise! 

Read more about Nia here on the main website www.nianow.com or jump right in and come along to a class.

You can wear whatever you like (leggings and a t-shirt works). We’ll be moving and dancing, getting down on the floor and working up a sweat so just make sure you’re comfortable. There's no need to feel nervous about it being your first time - classes are really warm and friendly and someone will be there to show you where to go. Nia is designed to be practiced barefoot, but you can wear soft soled indoor shoes. Floor mats are provided. Please bring water. 

Class Holidays Some classes will break for the school holidays – so if in doubt, please check in advance.