Scotland needs more Nia teachers! And we would love you to join our vibrant, growing community.

Nia teachers come in all shapes and sizes. They teach in many languages and share the Nia experience with students all around the world. While teaching Nia does not require a movement or fitness background, it does require dedication, practice and a passion to be your very best!

Learning to teach Nia, first and foremost, is a journey of self-discovery learning about your body’s way and how to move and live making choices to feel good and look good. Nia education embraces the idea of life-long learning – the same Nia principles and techniques that you learn to teach Nia classes, will guide you to create a life of meaning and purpose living into your potential as a human being.

Your First Step…

To become a Nia teacher, you need to take the White Belt. Dedicated to the Art of Sensation, during your White Belt you will learn the first 13 Principles of Nia and from there you can immediately begin teaching. The White Belt is taught worldwide and in different formats – 7 consecutive days, split weekends and sometimes split across several weeks. Use the Nia Finder to find a training that works for you.

All Nia teachers begin their career by learning Nia routines. Nia routines are typically 55 minutes and provide a complete Nia Experience that conditions the entire body and combines all of the elements of dance, martial arts movements and healing arts.

Before You Teach…

To legally teach and professionally represent Nia, you must be a Livelihood Member. You will likely want to sign up for the membership at your White Belt in order to immediately receive routines that you can learn and teach.

Continuing Your Nia Journey…

Nia is a movement practice. It takes time and dedication to develop the complete set of somatic teaching and movements skills that you will learn at the four levels of Nia trainings: White, Blue, Brown and Black. Each training builds on the skills and techniques you learned prior. Ideally, to prepare for the next level, we recommend you wait up to 12 months. During this time, it is important to teach Nia classes practicing the somatic skills taught at your current level.

As you progress, you develop increasingly refined and expanded somatic skills, heightened awareness, communication and body-centered relationship, how to work with energy and how to craft unlimited creativity and transformation from a deepened connection to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Upon completing the four belts, you will know the DNia Code – 52 principles for body and life health, well-being and vitality.

As a Nia teacher, you will help your students get into their bodies, discover self-healing and somatic transformation all while listening and dancing to the music sharing the magic of movement!

Current Nia Teacher Locations in Scotland…

Follow this link to see where you can currently take a Nia class in Scotland.

The next teacher training (Nia White Belt Intensive) in Scotland will be in Burntisland from 12th – 18th July 2019. For all the details and to book your place, take a look here.