Karen Small

Black Belt Nia Teacher & GROOVE™ Facilitator

B & W Karen Guitar.jpg

As a child I always loved to dance - I remember the feeling so clearly. But the thing I never seemed to enjoy was the performing. Whether it was for a dance exam or on a stage, my shyness would take over and all the fun would evaporate. 

As an adult I tried lots of different ways to recreate that happy, light feeling; clubbing, combining different styles of exercise classes, running - you name it I tried it! I became quite faddy about my fitness and for a long time it was just another thing that appeared on my 'to do' list. Sometimes it happened - but mostly, it didn't. When I discovered Nia in 2008 I discovered that fitness could be fun. I felt liberated by the freedom that comes from dancing for yourself and not for an audience.

Now in my forties, and a Black Belt Nia Teacher, I'm the fittest, healthiest and happiest I've been in my life - and all without what I would consider traditional exercising. When the focus of the activity shifts away from what you should do - and shifts into fun, freedom and creativity - moving your body becomes easy and taking care of yourself is no longer a duty.

Both The Nia Technique and GROOVE™ are designed for YOU. Classes are welcoming, friendly and non-competitive. With no audience and no one to impress it's all about you and the music, and I look forward to welcoming you to a class soon.